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Dress when Attending a Wedding

Choosing a dress when attending a wedding can be hard.

If you do not know, there are dress protocols for weddings. Depending on the moment, the protocol will tell us what dresses are allowed. Nevertheless, guests tend to skip several rules and still look beautiful as guests at a wedding in general.

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What to Wear to a Wedding?

Regarding the subject of dresses, even if you do not follow the protocol, it is important to choose a dress according to the day, place, or style of the wedding so as not to clash:


When weddings are held in closed spaces, the ideal is to opt for elegant and long dresses. It can be styled with high heels and sophisticated hairstyle and accessories. Since they are more formal ceremonies and celebrations, you need to follow a dress protocol.


In open spaces such as the beach, gardens, parks, or natural settings, you can choose designs of short dresses. They are fresh and light. Otherwise, long skirts with fabrics that flow and are comfortable can be another option. In the case of shoes, they can be shoes with wide heels so you don’t get caught in the grass.

Example of red dress for wedding at the beach

Beyond using pastel tones such as pink, mint, yellow and lime, turquoise, or beige, the dresses for day parties should be fresh with flowing fabrics. You can use floral prints in the ethnic style. Also, you can also wear short and sophisticated dresses with falls asymmetric.


If you are looking for a dress for a night wedding, you can choose colors such as black, red, or dark blue tones, it should be an intense color, preferably long dresses with avant-garde touches. You can choose dresses in fabrics such as taffeta, crepe, and sparkle dresses that are adorned with precious stones for a more elegant touch.

dress for night wedding

When the celebration has a classic and somewhat urban atmosphere, elegance reigns. In general, the celebrations are at night and held in closed spaces. So, choose to choose long dresses, in satin fabrics or with glitter and rhinestones. Here he is inspired by glamor, luxury, and cosmopolitan life.

For this type of party, dresses with minimalist designs stand out, with perfectly marked silhouettes and geometric-style details. The cocktail dresses meet for this type of label celebration and are perfect for day weddings in this type of environment. Consider colors like black, gray, gold, or silver as a base color. But you can choose colors according to the trend of the season.


The bohemian style aesthetic gives us freedom, love, and peace. Couples often use this philosophy to hold celebrations inspired by this premise. Artistic, natural, and ethnic details are usually incorporated. The boho-chic look is cheerful and relaxed.

dress when attending a wedding

You can opt for long dresses, fabrics, lace, crochet, ethnic prints, and complements using accessories. For example, Zi Collection and XXL jewelry. These stamps are distinctive for the style. You can use vibrant colors like purple, red, yellow, green, orange, and blue. Alternately, you can opt for floral prints that allude to mother nature.

It takes time to select a dress for women. What to wear when attending a wedding depends on the location. Comment below and let us know what dress will you choose when attending a wedding!

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  1. […] It takes time to select a dress for women. What to wear when attending a wedding depends on the location. Comment below and let us know what will you choose for the dress when attending a wedding.! […]

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